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Payment and Fees

We require payment of all our fees within 3 days.  Our invoices are dated one week in advance.  If you are entitled to and require WINZ help with your childcare costs, we have these forms available for you at our Centre.  If WINZ does not pay the full balance you will be responsible for the balance of your fees. Absences are charged at the full fee rate to secure your child's place for the time of their absence.  East Tamaki Childcare Centre incurs costs whether or not your child attends due to illness or holidays, therefore full fees are charged for these absences.

We believe in keeping fees low as, it is all about the children in our community - it is their home away from home



Ages: 0-3 are 30% off until age of 3, then they get 30hrs FREE ECE

Discounted fees as below:

Under 3 year old's:                                                             

5 days   $196.00     (40 hrs)                                               

4 days   $156.80     (32 hrs)                                                

3 days   $117.60      (24 hrs)

2 days   $78.40       (16 hrs)

1 day      $39.20      (8   hrs)

* Any hours over 40hrs per week are charged at $9 per hour*

Over 3 year old's: 

30 hours FREE ECE per week (until your child starts school)

30-40 hours 30% off fees (as above)

40 hours plus charged at $9.00 per hour


There are no conditions for this offer other, than following our enrolment rules and regulations that are stipulated by the Ministry of Education for enrolling your child.  Three weeks notice will be required if you are leaving the Centre and One weeks notice for any change in hours.

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