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Our Daily Menu

We offer a great range of nutritional food with fresh fruits and vegetables.  From the time your children steps in the door we offer them a healthy breakfast (if they have not had yet), morning tea, a cooked lunch and a sweet afternoon tea.  This is all cooked on our licensed premises and, is cooked fresh daily.  Our menu changes each day and, you can view this menu as you walk into the centre to see what yummy food your child will be eating today!

We offer your child fresh filtered water throughout the day and at meals to keep them hydrated.

If your child does have any allergies, please make sure that this is written on their enrolment form so our staff makes sure that they do not receive.

Example Daily Menu - Over 2's

Morning Tea

Fresh Sandwiches 


Savoury Rice with mashed Vegetables & minced Chicken

Afternoon Tea

Fresh blended fruits & Yoghurt

Example Daily Menu - Under 2's

Morning Tea

Blended Fresh Fruit with Yoghurt or custard


Mashed Vegetables with meat and rice

Afternoon Tea

Blended fruit basket or mini pancakes

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